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Berkeley Charter Fishing

Specializing in Salmon Charter Fishing, Tuna Charter Fishing, Rock Cod and Crab Charter Fishing Trips!


Berkeley Charter Fishing

Berkeley Salmon Charter Fishing, Berkeley Tuna Charter Fishing, Berkeley Crab and Rock Cod Charter Fishing

If you are looking for an excellent outdoor adventure with a lot of excitement and fun, and a delicious meal at the end of it, Berkeley Charter Fishing has the perfect thing for you. We offer a wide variety of charter fishing experiences, including salmon fishing charter, tuna fishing charter, crab fishing charter, rock cod fishing charter, as well as deep sea charter and offshore fishing charter, and many more. If you enjoy the sport of fishing in the Berkeley, CA area, you will love our fishing trips, with fishing experts who are completely passionate about fishing as well. We understand that fishing charters are not an extremely cheap way to enjoy the out of doors, which is why we offer many different fishing trip options, so that you will definitely be able to find a Berkeley Charter Fishing adventure to fit your budget.

Berkeley Salmon Charter Fishing

Berkeley Charter Fishing is happy to offer salmon fishing multiple times throughout the year, depending on when and where the salmon are migrating. Pacific Salmon are hatched in freshwater streams and rivers, and they live in these freshwater environment until they are big enough to migrate downstream to the Pacific Ocean. Once in the ocean, they grow to maturity, and toward the end of their lives they make a once in a life time, heroic trip back upstream, swimming up rapids and jumping up waterfalls in order to get back to their hatching grounds. There they lay their eggs, and then they die. Berkeley Charter Fishing offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing trips for Pacific Salmon, and uses trolling and drifting methods to catch these yummy fish.

Berkeley Tuna Charter Fishing

During late summer and early fall, great schools of Albacore tuna migrate northward, straight through Berkeley Charter Fishing’s excellent fishing areas. Berkeley Charter Fishing’s super speedy fishing boats race out 40 to 80 miles offshore, where the huge schools of fish are, and fish for the gigantic tuna using jigs and bait. A tuna charter fishing trip is full of excitement and fun, and a large amount of adrenaline as well.

Berkeley Crab and Rock Cod Charter Fishing

Winter is crab and rock cod fishing season at Berkeley Charter Fishing. We take our fastest fishing boats out to the Farallones Islands from November to January, so that you will have as much time as possible for fishing there. We lay our crab traps first, and then we fish for rock cod and many other kinds of rock-dwelling fish while we wait for the crab traps to fill up. The legal limit on crab is 6 Dungeness crabs per person, so once that limit is reached we pull up the traps and head home, with the boat full of delicious crab and many other species of fish as well. Once we return ashore, the staff of Berkeley Charter Fishing is ready to cook up your fish for you right away. There is nothing fresher or more delicious than fish and crab you have just caught yourself, prepared and served before your very eyes.


At Berkeley Fishing Charter we strive to get you your limt, from the beggining of the day to the end we will not stop until we have done everything we can to make sure you get that fish!


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